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Famous Electric Car Cost Per Mile 2022. With the average uk electricity price sitting at around 17.2p per kwh and if you assume an electric car will travel 3.5 miles per kwh on average, to travel 100 miles would cost around. The most common cost per mile for an electric car is $0.0388.

How Much Do Electric Cars Cost Per Mile / How Much Does It Cost To
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Department of energy, rates for a level 2 charge are. Plus, as the years progress the lower cost of operating an electric vehicle (fuel and maintenance). Enter your electricity cost per kwh which can be your home electricity cost or the cost for use of a public charger.

As An Example, If Your Petrol Car.

From the tables above you can see that driving an ev is still more cost effective than ice, but for how long, we do not know. With the introduction of the 2022 chevrolet bolt ev, the price per mile of range of a new electric car has reached a new record. Then getting our cost per kilometer is simple, all we need to do is divide $4.20 by 100.

Select The Electric Vehicle You Are Considering.

It also breaks down costs by charge, mile, month and year. How much does it cost to charge an electric car? Cost of charging an electric car vs fuelling a petrol car.

Enter Your Electricity Cost Per Kwh Which Can Be Your Home Electricity Cost Or The Cost For Use Of A Public Charger.

Electric cars compared by price per mile of epa range: That rating is on the car's epa fuel economy sticker and in the. If your numbers are correct and cannot be improved, you should consider:

Many Customers Consider Gas Cars Are Better.

Feb 9, 2022 the least expensive electric cars per mile of epa combined range. According to the idaho national laboratory, in terms of “fuel” alone, it costs roughly 3.3 cents per mile to drive an ev compared to a whopping 15.9 cents per mile for a gas. Electricity cost, of driving an electric vehicle for 200 miles with energy economy of 3.3mile per kilowatt hour and electricity cost of 0.12 per kilowatt hour.

The Most Common Cost Per Mile For An Electric Car Is $0.0388.

Department of energy, rates for a level 2 charge are. Feb 24, 2021 at 7:12pm et. Check out the cost of charging an electric car at home to get costs that takes into account the average travel distance.

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